Whole Beef Brisket


Why have a single portion of brisket when you can have the whole thing. Your party or family get together will be a guaranteed hit with our brisket.  Smoky, fall apart goodness with none of the flavor-rich fat trimmed off; just the way it should be. This delicious piece of meat is done right: low and slow for a full 24 hours. Our brisket will feed 10-14 people.

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Thought to be one of the most difficult cuts of meat to produce: how to trim it, season it, and what temperature to cook it at. Everywhere you look there is a different method. My brisket is simple. Every ounce of fat is left in place. Salt and pepper is rubbed all around. And, it’s smoked until it jiggles like a jello mold when you smack it. It’s usually about 24 hours-the only true way to do brisket.

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